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Meth Addiction Greenville SC


Meth addiction is a serious condition that often requires treatment to overcome. Methamphetamine is often not as well-known as other drugs, but has gained popularity in the last several years. If you think someone is suffering from a meth addiction, it is important to understand the signs, the effects, and treatment options available to encourage them to get the help they need.


Meth is known by several names, including speed, crank or chalk. It comes in various forms, including crystal meth. All forms can cause meth addiction. In fact, it is a highly-addictive drug that can cause dependency. People who suffer from meth addiction may inject, snort or smoke the drug.


Meth in its various forms has been popular in clubs. People who use the drug will get a rush almost immediately after injecting or snorting it. It is an intense high that can last for several minutes. A longer high that is less intense but still pleasurable will continue for several hours. During this time, the person often loses any inhibitions. He or she may become loud and interrupt others. The person may begin to feel invincible during this period.


As the pleasurable feelings begin to lessen, the person may take another dose. He or she may go on a binge that lasts for several days. During this time, the person may not eat or sleep properly. A crash then occurs, which could leave the user feeling depressed, listless, and fatigued.


Effects of Meth Use

Studies have shown that the pleasure receptors in the brain can become damaged over time with repeated abuse of this drug. While some of these effects may be repairable, other damage may be permanent, such as motor skills and memory. In fact, people often experience symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease.


Users also experience hyperactivity when they are using, and often exhibit obsessive behavior. For example, they may engage in the same activity over and over for hours. Heavy use of meth may cause psychotic behavior that includes paranoid delusions and hallucinations. What many people don’t understand is that these symptoms may not go away even with sobriety. It is not uncommon for former addicts to experience paranoid feelings.


Physical changes are another result of long-term, heavy meth use. It destroys blood vessels and causes sores to take longer to heal. Some users grind their teeth, which can cause tooth decay and loss.


Meth use has many effects on the health of the person. Some of the conditions it can cause include liver damage, convulsions, stroke and even death.


Treatment for meth addiction is essential to prevent many of these effects. The sooner a person receives treatment, the less damage that may result. However, even short-term use can have a lasting impact. It is also important to educate people of the dangers before they begin using, and work with those who are already addicted to help them stop. At Drug Treatment Centers Greenville, we can help addicts get their life back. Call us today at 864-607-9031 to get more information about our treatment programs and see what options are available for you.


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