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Dealing with chemical dependency can be a very challenging endeavor; however, the challenges that are normally associated with this disease can be exacerbated when a mental disorder is also present. This is known as a dual diagnosis.


Until the 1990s, individuals who were experiencing any type of mental health disorders, while simultaneously struggling with chemical dependency, were often left with one condition going untreated. This created challenges; especially considering that mental health disorders can trigger or exacerbate chemical addiction. Unfortunately, this meant that a substantial number of people who were suffering from mental disorders, while fighting addiction, failed to get the type of help they needed to increase their chance for a successful recovery.


Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment


The approach of dual diagnosis treatment works to blend the most successful elements of substance abuse treatment and mental health care. At Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Greenville, our dual diagnosis program focuses on treating these conditions simultaneously. Our medical staff and mental health professionals work together to devise a treatment plan that best suits the needs of each patient. They are certified to provide the most adequate and effective treatment possible. Having the capacity to deal with these co-occurring heath disorders allows our staff to take a more holistic approach that is able to deal with these underlying issues at the source. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse and a mental illness, call Greenville Drug Treatment Centers at 864-607-9031 to receive the help you deserve.


The Numbers are Significant

A study by the Office of Applied Studies, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, reports that more than four million people have received a dual diagnosis; however, only 12 percent of those individuals are receiving treatment for both conditions.


The Reason Dual Diagnosis Treatment is so Important

Because mental health disorders can have an immense impact on addiction, it is vital for those individuals who have a dual diagnosis to receive treatment for the addiction as well as their mental health issues. This is vital to increase the chances of achieving a complete recovery.


Some of the dual diagnosis treatments that may be utilized include:


  • The use of psychotherapeutic medication, such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, are vital for creating the right frame of mind to engage other aspects of the treatment process.
  • Receiving parallel treatment for both disorders by a highly trained staff that has the capacity to effectively engage the unique needs associated with simultaneous disorders.
  • Participating in a conclusive treatment program, which focuses on bringing in spouses, children and other family members and friends. This can also include educational courses, group sessions and individual counseling.


Other common treatments include Psychopharmacology, behavioral management and psychotherapy. It is important that the patient has a treatment plan that is specifically designed with their unique needs in mind.


Another aspect of the process that should be given a significant amount of consideration is the aftercare treatment. A well planned aftercare program will have a great impact on the chance of achieving a complete recovery. It helps to reduce the rate of relapse, and helps patients effectively avoid triggers and temptations.


For more information about our dual diagnosis treatment program, call Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers Greenville at 864-607-9031.

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