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Drug Addiction in Greenville, SC


There are millions of people in America that are suffering from a number of drug addictions. Statistics show that drug addiction affects one in every 12 adults in America. This creates a need for drug addiction rehab centers that have the capacity to engage the multiplicity of different types of addiction.


Types of Treatments

The types of treatment that are available for those who are addicted to drugs are consistently developing. There are the conventional treatment methods, such as behavioral treatment, pharmacology, and psychotherapy. And then there are more non-traditional methods, such as equine therapy, acupuncture, yoga, nutritional therapy, exercise, art therapy and more. With so many different methods available, doctors and treatment professionals have a wealth of options at their disposal. This means that programs can be designed with great specificity based on the specific needs of the patient.


There are certain drug addiction treatment facilities that will prescribe outpatient therapy for the person who has successfully completed the detox aspect of the recovery process, although the vast majority of these centers will want their patients to remain on site for the duration of the initial treatment phase. Once the patient is discharged, they will be referred to an aftercare treatment program. This will be vital to their sobriety as a relapse prevention plan helps to enforce the skills they learned during treatment. In order to stay sober, recovering addicts need a strong support system made up of addiction professionals, therapists, support groups, family, and friends. This is essential for them to continue progressing. It keeps them accountable and gives them the opportunity to turn to caring and compassionate sources who understand their struggle and are readily available to help should they begin to think about relapsing or suddenly fall back into drug use.


Addiction to Prescription Drugs

There is a growing concern when it comes to the addiction to prescription drugs. Because of the way that these addictions normally begin, many people become dependent before they ever realize what happened. Prescription drug addiction is the result of abusing prescription medications or using them in ways other than prescribed by a doctor. Drugs like Ritalin, OxyContin, Vicodin and Adderall are highly addictive and a large group of people have access to them because of the conditions they are used to treat.


Signs of prescription drug abuse and addiction may include:

  • Forging or stealing written prescriptions
  • Stealing prescription medications from others
  • Getting prescriptions from more than one doctor
  • Taking higher doses of medications than prescribed
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the medications are not taken



Most addiction treatment centers are equipped to deal with all types of addictions, including prescription drug addiction. The key is for an addict to find the center that is best suited for their specific needs. At Greenville Drug Treatment Centers, we provide patients with the necessary recovery tools to overcome their addictions. To find out more about our treatment programs, call us today at 864-607-9031.

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