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Codeine Withdrawal Drug Treatment in Greenville SC

Codeine is an opiate that can be effective for pain management, but users must take more of it over time to have the same effect. While codeine is prescribed in the short term for acute pain, this drug should be monitored by a physician because it can be highly addictive, leading to the need for codeine detox later on. Opiates can give person a fee... Read More →

Alcohol Abuse Recovery in Greenville

Drinking too much alcohol can negatively impact your body, even if you aren't addicted. While alcohol is generally viewed as acceptable to drink in moderation, this doesn't mean the common drink is without side effects. In fact, there are many ways that alcohol can affect your body even without developing an addiction. Alcohol abuse recovery in Gre... Read More →

Greensville SC Heroin Addiction Treatment

Greenville SC heroin addiction treatment centers are a crucial part of society now that misuse is growing. The Drug Enforcement Agency lists heroin as a Schedule I drug, the category in which they place drugs with the highest chance of abuse and little to no legitimate medical use. Heroin is made from the opium poppy and is usually sold on the stre... Read More →

Meth Addiction Leads Two To Child Endangerment Charges

Two people engaging in meth addiction are now facing multiple charges after their meth lab was uncovered. Jamey Koon and Brandi Bone are charged with manufacturing methamphetamines, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child endangerment. A five year old was found in the h... Read More →

Abuse of Prescription Drugs: Adult Cough Medicine

The abuse of prescription drugs has become a widespread health concern in the past years. A prescription medication is any drug controlled by law to require a prescription before it can be administered or obtained. Some individuals can become addicted even to cough syrup. Several prescription cough and cold medicines contain mind-altering ingredie... Read More →

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