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Alternative Addiction Treatment Programs in Greenville, SC


Alternative addiction treatment refers to any type of treatment methods and concepts that fall outside of the boundaries of what is considered to be traditional therapy. These treatment options also are often referred to as alternative medicine. Some treatment experts use these types of treatment methods as complementary medicine, which infers that these methods are to be used along with more conventional treatment modalities. At Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers Greenville, we incorporate traditional therapies with alternative addiction treatment methods to ensure the success of each patient during the recovery process.


Different Types of Alternative Treatments

There are a number of alternative addiction treatments that are used on a regular basis, such as acupuncture, art therapy, nutrition (to bring chemicals in the body into balance), massage therapy, equine therapy and biofeedback — just to name a few. As time has progressed, addiction has ceased being viewed as a moral failure, and now medical and treatment professionals view addiction as a medical issue, which changes the approach to treatment.


Because the experts now understand that the brain plays a significant role in the process of addiction, this opens the door for treatments that have the capacity to provide a certain sense of well-being and self-worth. Equine therapy has made great strides in this area. The use of yoga has served to lower the level of anxiety and stress, which has great benefit when treating chemical dependency. These types of alternative treatments have even greater benefits when it comes to dealing dual diagnosis cases in which the patient is diagnosed with co-occurring conditions, meaning that they have a chemical dependency and they are also struggling with some form of mental health condition. Because many of the alternative treatment methods focus heavily on mental well-being, it helps to address the mental health aspect of the duality.


Art Therapy


Art therapy is just one example of the many types of alternative treatment methods we provide our patients. This therapeutic modality helps recovering addicts have a creative outlet with which to express their emotions, as well as their doubt, worries and fears. The ultimate goal is to enrich the rehab process by providing patients with various options for treatment that will best suit their individual needs. Art therapy has been shown to help in preventing relapse and may be a new skill and hobby that patients can adopt and use in their daily lives to control temptations or relieve stress.




Acupuncture is an ancient practice in which needles are used to stimulate pressure points under the skin. It has been shown that drug and alcohol cravings can be significantly reduced through this method of treatment. It also helps reduce stress and feelings of anxiety that can often trigger substance abuse. It can provide patients with relaxation and a feeling of calm and well-being so that they can better focus on their recovery.




Yoga has been shown to help patients who struggle with feelings of anxiety and stress. They are better able to focus and stay calm and positive. Through breathing techniques and stretching poses, recovering addicts are able to focus on their bodies and become more conscious and self-aware. Exercise helps to produce endorphins, which make people feel happy and relaxed. It also helps to balance a person’s mood. Our certified yoga instructors teach patients how to breathe properly, which can in turn help them to focus and have an outlet for negative emotions, thoughts, and fears. They can be more successful in their rehabilitation journey if they can learn to manage and process these feelings.


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