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Codeine Withdrawal Drug Treatment in Greenville SC

Codeine is an opiate that can be effective for pain management, but users must take more of it over time to have the same effect. While codeine is prescribed in the short term for acute pain, this drug should be monitored by a physician because it can be highly addictive, leading to the need for codeine detox later on. Opiates can give person a feeling of euphoria. This can set the stage for an individual seeking out more of the drug for the same high. Over time, codeine can change the makeup of the brain because the brain is rewarded rapidly when taking codeine. An individual can become addicted to codeine quickly, and will most likely need to seek out codeine withdrawal drug treatment in Greenville SC both for physical and mental addictions that have set in over time.

If you are suffering from codeine withdrawal, contact Greenville SC addiction treatment centers for help. Dial (864) 607-9031 today.

Symptoms of Codeine Withdrawal

As with other opiates, codeine withdrawal is intense, and even coming down after a few hours can leave a person feeling its physical and emotional symptoms. While codeine provides a feeling of calm for users, the opposite can set in during withdrawal.

What is Codeine Detox?

There are a few types of detox that are popular when it comes to codeine treatment. A rapid detox that is monitored with medical supervision that helps with withdrawal symptoms might involve bed rest and anesthesia. Greenville SC addiction specialists can help an individual get through the worst of the codeine withdrawal symptoms with the least pain.

A longer detox regimen that helps an individual wean themselves off of the opiate can involve substituting codeine with a different narcotic while weaning the body off of this slowly. This can take a little more time, but an individual will  have more control over symptoms and can lower dosages over time without the long-lasting damages of acetaminophen. An intense recovery program might involve an individual giving up codeine and all other drugs at once, but this can lead to intense withdrawal symptoms, and with any detox should not be tried on one’s own but under the supervision of a codeine detox center with medical professionals.

After the detox process is complete, patients are encouraged to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting ( Don’t let codeine addiction take over your life. Call drug detox treatment centers in Greenville SC today!

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