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Alcohol Abuse Recovery in Greenville

Drinking too much alcohol can negatively impact your body, even if you aren’t addicted. While alcohol is generally viewed as acceptable to drink in moderation, this doesn’t mean the common drink is without side effects. In fact, there are many ways that alcohol can affect your body even without developing an addiction. Alcohol abuse recovery in Greenville effectively helps rid addicts of those effects.

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Effects of Abuse


One of the first ways that alcohol affects your body is through your liver. Your liver is important because it filters harmful substances from your body. This includes alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can affect your liver’s ability to function properly. You may develop alcoholic hepatitis. This can lead to jaundice, which will cause your skin to look yellow. Another common side effect is cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is liver scarring that can cause permanent damage and even liver failure.


One of the first signs someone is drunk is their inability to control their behavior and their speech. Someone who drinks alcohol may experience slurring of their words, dizziness and lack of bodily coordination. Many people struggle to walk while they’re drinking. Others may flail their limbs around.


Many people don’t realize just how dramatically alcohol can affect cardiac function. Understand that even if you don’t drink often, drinking heavily can affect your heart. Even though men can experience heart problems, women are at an increased risk to develop heart problems related to alcohol consumption.  Alcohol can cause high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

In addition to physical side effects, alcohol also carries many emotional and social risks. Someone who develops an addiction to alcohol, for example, may experience problems in their personal relationships and in their career. Addicts have a harder time developing and maintaining healthy relationships. They also tend to struggle to keep their jobs.

Reach out for help and call Greenville alcohol addiction treatment centers. You can also visit your local Alcoholics Anonymous ( to share your story.

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