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Meth Addiction Leads Two To Child Endangerment Charges

Two people engaging in meth addiction are now facing multiple charges after their meth lab was uncovered. Jamey Koon and Brandi Bone are charged with manufacturing methamphetamines, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child endangerment. A five year old was found in the home at the time of the meth addiction and manufacturing discovery. Koon had been wanted for previous manufacturing methamphetamines charges, and was found by an anonymous tip. The residence was eventually evacuated, and 12 people were decontaminated, including the five year old who’s now in emergency protective custody.

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Meth Addiction: A Growing Epidemic

Meth addiction is a growing problem in many parts of the country, and this substance abuse problem has probably touched your life even if you do not know it. You do not have to suffer from a meth addiction yourself to have been impacted by this highly addictive drug – addiction to methamphetamine is often the root cause of robberies and home break-ins as addicts try to get money to buy the drugs they need.

Meth addiction is also a major cause of poisonings and the condemnation of homes. The chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine are both corrosive and highly dangerous, and they can seep into the walls and make the homes where meth was manufactured uninhabitable. Some home buyers have been unpleasantly surprised when they find that their dream home has been compromised by dangerous chemicals and that their investment is now worthless.

Symptoms of Methamphetamine Abuse

The chronic use of methamphetamine can create a number of powerful signs and symptoms, and those symptoms tend to get worse with time. Methamphetamine is a powerful and highly addictive substance, and few people will have the ability to overcome the addiction on their own.

Perhaps the most evident sign of a methamphetamine addiction is an intense craving for the drug. This craving can be overpowering, causing the addict to steal from loved ones and engage in crime to get the money they need.

Regular meth users may also experience shaking and tremors, disturbances in normal sleep, fever, chills, and profuse sweating and heart palpitations. The effects on the central nervous symptoms can be quite severe, and methamphetamine users may go into respiratory failure – sometimes on their first use of the drug.

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